Strangers and Friends

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October 30th, 2017, 1:24 pm
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Theorah October 30th, 2017, 1:44 pm
I really owe it to myself to finish uploading S+F here dang it!
I finished back in August cos I took a summer break. It was real fun to get stuck into it every day and finish 3 pages everyday, it was like old times when I was in college/Uni and had all the free time :)
Then I got S+F printed, so its all officially finished! I sold zilch books at the biggest comic con in the UK though, which really dampened my spirits. The person sitting next to me had never even made a comic before, and had zero internet presence, yet she sold about 50 comics while I sold none. Then almost every stranger that came up to me all excited ended up being someone who thought I was my sister and didnt expect to see me, then dissapeared once they realised I wasnt Sarah :') These same experiences have happened to me at several cons before, its not new but damn it hurts like crazy every time. To have people not like your stuff, have no interest, and the only time they like your stuff is when they mean someone else and list off a bunch of books you didnt make. It really blew my confidence to pieces. I'm thankful to the 3 friends who bought a book though, really thankful <3
Dunno what I'm gonna do with this comic now. I'm still majorly pleased I completed a full on story like this, 400+ pages. But obv theres something about it that people just dont get or click with, or I'm still a rubbish artist after all these years.
Getting a comic finished is one thing, and I guess thats something even alot of ppl find hard to achieve. But getting the motivation to upload it online or share it with people is a whole other thing. Its painful to constantly share for 4+ years and get no response. When theres noone there actually reading your work, the motivation to put it out there goes down to zero, for me it does anyway. I guess its like shouting into the void for 4 years. Eventually you get tired of shouting, certain things are emphasized and you feel bad about yourself too much. Trying to share my art nowadays, in this world of social media where you either have to not sleep ever or get the right person to reblog your art in order to get noticed...I always think of that scene in titanic where you're shouting out and then the camera pans out and you're a single insignifcant person in a sea of other ppl shouting, and theres no way you're ever gonna get noticed.
I wont stop telling stories ever. But telling them TO people, I dunno, when no one listens to the story its almost like it doesn't exist. Its hard to explain, and not many ppl get it, cos tbh most other people I know get way more response to their work then me, so I think they just dont quite believe what I'm saying or think I'm exaggerating.
Anyhoo, I'll keep shouting into that void a bit longer. I owe it to myself really. If anyones listening, I hope you enjoy the final pages of the comic.
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Theorah October 31st, 2017, 2:04 pm
@sentiashinou aw thank you :) And not right now, but I think I'll sell it online at some point, I gotta shift those books somehow! XD
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sentiashinou October 30th, 2017, 5:09 pm
I'm sorry to hear how difficult this has been :,( Are you selling copies online anywhere?

Also go Hemu!! Maybe you won't need grandpa's help after all!