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Happy Diwali!

October 25th, 2011, 2:38 pm
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Theorah October 25th, 2011, 2:38 pm
5 PAGES UPLOADED! Read from page 150!
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Theorah October 25th, 2011, 2:46 pm
Wow 150 pages already! 0_0 So, thats the end of chapter 3, yay!!

Concerning this picture, its Diwali tomorrow (Wednesday)! Happy Diwali! For those who may not know, Diwali is to India what Christmas is to us.
Its the biggest holiday in Indian culture, and people spend it wearing new clothes, lighting lanterns and fireworks, and celebrating good over evil ^^ If you're a devout Hindu (like Hemu and Gramps here) then you worship Deities before sunrise (by making special Diwali offerings and chanting) and make symbols out of sand on your front door, amongst other things.
It sounds like a lot of fun! So here is a picture of Hemu and Gramps celebrating Diwali! ^_^ I think I might wear my Sherwani tomorrow heheh (any excuse to wear that thing).

@Mimi-Evelyn thanks for your comment! ^_^ Well, we'll have to wait and see, mwahaha!

@eternalbeliever12 Thanks for your comments! :D See you at Expo??
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Mimi-Evelyn October 25th, 2011, 2:55 pm
Ooh!! Hurry up Hemu! >o<
Seeya on Friday!! XD Cannot wait!
Ushiocomics October 25th, 2011, 6:20 pm
Great pic - the details on the clothing are awesome! :D
Falconer October 25th, 2011, 8:22 pm
Eee! Good end to a chapter, and I love this picture! :D Especially the coloring; it looks really nice! <3

Can't wait for more! 8D
JammyScribbler October 26th, 2011, 5:28 am
I think I'm platonically in love with Hemu. He's just so lovely! <3