Strangers and Friends

Page coloured by Sammy Boras

October 11th, 2011, 2:14 pm
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Theorah October 11th, 2011, 2:29 pm
2 images uploaded!

Uhh I dont have any pages this week, I'm sorry! ^^; This weekend I became way laid with puppies! Some of you already know, our dog was in labour for 2 days and finally had 3 boys and a girl. They're adorable and I love them so much already <3 So yeah I was busy worrying about our dog and huggng puppies and stuff..

See some photos of them the day they were born!

So yeah, instead of comic pages, thought I'd take the oppertunity to upload some art I got last week from other comic artists regarding S+F ^^

The first (before this page) is a lovely image of Hemu by a friend of mine, it was done as part of a meme on DA. @FiaFreckles I hope you dont mind that I put it up, just say if you'd rather I didnt since it isnt a fanart after all.

The second is a recolouring of one of my more recent pages by Sammy Borras, an awesome comic artist whose work I adore!! We're doing a comic page colour-exchange thingy, I'm, still working on her page, I love how this turned out, its very pub-ish ^_^
You can read a selection of her short stories on SJ here:

And thanks for your comments guys! ^_^

@JammyScribbler XDD Your support is greatly welcomed! :P

@Ushiocomics XDD lol

@Falconer You'll have to wait and see, someone on drunk duck actually thinks he's the Vetala! :P And yeah its lovely, isnt it? ^_^

Updates will resume next week ^^
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